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Gray PAC Special Lunch Orders

 As we start another exciting school year at Gray, we will once again be working with BackPac Fundraising to provide our online ordering system for our PAC Hot Lunch Program. Besides having the convenience of ordering and paying online, this also helps to ensure accuracy with the orders and makes the process as easy for everyone as possible.

 **Even if you do not participate in the Hot Lunch Program, signing up on this website will allow you access (once verified) to your child’s class contact list (this may not be a complete list, as like the previous “Making Friends” lists, parents can choose not to include their child). You can also view the newsletters and event calendar as well as receive timely information directly from the PAC instead of having to go looking for it on the school website.**

 Ordering: The Hot Lunch online order system requires a small amount of setup time each school year at the beginning as you must register each child you have attending our school prior to ordering hot lunch.  Once the initial setup process is complete, your hot lunch orders for the remainder of the year should be quick and simple.

Click here for Instructions on setting up your account on BackPac Fundraising.

This is a summary of what's in the works:

Thursday, February 9th - Foodie Kids Mexican Day  (closed)

Thursday, February 16th - Little Caesar's Pizza - Paper order sent through school on February 1st - Orders due February 8th

Thursday, February 23rd - FUEL Favorites Day - Online Ordering - open until February 15th

Thursday, March 2nd - Subway Day - Online ordering - open until February 15th

Thursday, March 9th - Foodie Kids Pasta Day - Ordering opens February 19th

Thursday, March 20th - FUEL Wrap Day - Ordering opens February 19th

Thursday, April 6th - Foodie Kids Hot Dog and Slider Day - Ordering open February 19th

Thursday, April 13th - Grade 7 Quiznos Fundraiser Lunch - Orders sent home March 27th due April 5th

Thursday, April 20th - FUEL Sushi Day - Ordering opens April 2nd

Thursday, April 27th - Whitespot Day - Odering opens April 2nd

Thursday, May 4th - Foodie Kids Asian Day - Ordering opens April 2nd

Wednesday, May 10th - Panago Pizza Day (Ordering not available on-line) - Order forms will be sent out by the school

Wednesday, May 17th - FUEL Pasta Day - Ordering opens April 30th

Thursday, May 25th - Subway Day Day - Ordering opens April 30th

Thursday, June 1st - Whitespot Day - Ordering opens May 4th

Thursday, June 8th - Foodie Kids Favourites Day - Ordering opens May 14th

Friday, June 16th - Little Caesar's Pizza Sports Day Lunch - Ordering opesn May 29th

Thursday, June 22nd - FUEL Favourites - Ordering opens June 4th

Wednesday, June 28th - Quiznos Day - Ordering opens June 4th