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Placement Requests Due

May 31, 2019

It is that time of year again when we start to look at our classroom make up for the next school year.

Next year’s class organization will include both single grade and combined grade classes. Research indicates that both single grade and combined grade classes provide a positive learning environment for children.

Class organization is determined by the number of teachers allocated, the number of students at each grade level, as well as the class size limits. The number of staff members assigned to Gray is determined by the Delta School District. This number is based on our enrollment projection for next year as of April 2019.

The goal of school organization at the class level is two-fold:

  • To create balanced classes based on gender, intellectual development and social emotional
  • To place your child in a classroom in which she/he will flourish academically and socially. Peer
    relationships and support networks are taken into consideration. Friendships are not a primary
    consideration in determining placement.

Parents may choose to share information to help with the placement of their child. This information should NOT include a request for placement with a particular teacher, but rather personal and/or educational information that will assist with the placement of your child. Requesting a style of teaching is appropriate. We will possibly have a shuffle of teaching assignments with the District’s staffing process and other pending circumstances that will influence staffing; thus our teacher assignments may not be finalized until late spring/early summer.

Reorganization in September is always a possibility. Children may leave or enter the school at different grade levels over the summer. We would like to ideally be able to place students in their classes within the first week of September. You can assist us in our planning by:

  • Informing us as soon as possible if you plan to move during the summer and your children will not be attending Gray (inform the office in person or e-mail our secretary at bturner@deltasd.bc.ca)
  • Encouraging newcomers to our community to register at the school as soon as possible.
    If you choose to provide the school with input for placement, please do so in writing to
    Mr. Zerbe
    by May 31st, 2019.

Although no request is guaranteed, educational requests will be considered in combination with the above factors.  Requests after May 31st cannot be honoured.