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Sports Day

June 14, 2019

Friday, June 14 will be Sports Day at Gray. This will be an Early Dismissal Day at 2:00 pm. The following information should help families to plan for the day. I know many parents and relatives love to attend this fun day at school, and all are more than welcome to do so. If after reading this, you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your child’s teacher, or call the office, 604-594-2474.

f it is necessary to postpone the day due to heavy rain, we will reschedule for Monday, June 17. We will send an email to let parents know we are re-scheduling.   We will proceed if it is overcast and light rain, according to the weather forecast. Please do a sun dance!  If it is necessary to cancel because of poor weather, BBQ and other lunch items will be served to students during the regular lunch hour on Friday.

Printable Sports Day Notice 2019

Schedule of the day:

8:45 Students participating in the wheels parade park their wheels in the gym; enter through the outside gym doors; look for their division number.

9:10        Wheels Parade – Parents watch with their child’s class outside. We will go once around the school. After the parade,students meet their class at the Slow Bike Race by their division pylon.

9:30        Grade 6 Slow Bike RaceLocation: middle back basketball court. Students regroup and sit by their division pylon.  Parents STAND BEHIND classes. This event will run on time and is meant as a regrouping point – meaning some bike parade students will join as the event is in progress. Once the Slow Bike Race is done – move to stations.

9:45        Sports Day Stations begin. Each station is 10 minutes and we will include a 5-minute snack break – students bring a snack from home (teachers will take outside in a tray). A signal will sound to begin and to rotate stations.

11:40     Station Clean Up – Grade 6 & 7’s help bring equipment inside. Grade 5’s deliver hot lunch to classes.

11:40     Soft Lunch Start (no bell) – the rest of the students return to their classroom; parents meet their child in class if taking them outside for lunch. Supervision begins at 11:30 am.

12:30     Lunch Ends (bell) – students MUST return to their class for attendance. Wait to be called outside by the office.

12:45     Afternoon Activities. Students sit on the hill in classes – parents stand behind. Each grade level participates in a

4-way tug-o-war challenge (KG – Grade 7); Grade Seven balloon toss.

1:45        Grounds clean up / Students return inside.

2:00        Early Dismissal for students – parents to make arrangements for their child to get home safely/pick up. Student will exit where they normally do.

Starting stations at 10:00 am:

10 minutes per station. A single signal will indicate to begin and to rotate through stations.

Circuit #1 – Orange                                     Circuit #2 – White

9:45        Division 10 – station 1                                  Division 11 – station 1

9:55        Division 8 – station 2                                     Division 9 – station 22

10:05     Division 19 – station 3                                   Division 18 – station 3

10:15     Division 21 – station 4                                    Division 20 – station 4

10:25     Division 12 – station 5                                     Division 13 – station 5

10:35 – 10:40      At the end of the 5th station, students sit to eat their snack for 5 minutes. Two signals will sound to indicate snack time. Wait for signal to end snack time and to rotate to the next station.

10:40     Division 7 – station 6                                     Division 6  (Grade 5’s only) – station 6

10:50     Division 23 – station 7                                   Division 22 – station 7

11:00     Division 17 – station 8                                    Division 16 – station 8

11:10     Division 4  – station 9                                     Division 5 – station 9

11:20     Division 15 – station 10                                  Division 14 – station 10

11:30     Division 3 & 6 (Grade 6’s) – Station 11          Division 24 – Station 11

11:40     Three signals means we are done. Grade 6 and 7’s clean up equipment before they go for lunch.

Due to our school size, we now need to break the field into two halves with one circuit on each side. Both circuits have identical stations, so students will not miss any activity.

Students should dress appropriately for the weather of the day. If it is very hot, please provide your child with sunscreen and a hat. Students should bring their own water bottle for the day.

Wheels Parade Notes:

Students are encouraged to decorate vehicles.  Bikes, wagons, wheelchairs, and scooters are welcome in the parade. No rollerblades or roller skates. Students must wear a helmet in order to participate in the parade. All students will go to their class at first bell for attendance. At approximately 9:10 a.m. the Wheels Parade will begin. Please remind your child that they will be in a parade and not a race and to ride their vehicle at an appropriate speed. Decorated vehicles will be stored in the gym until the end of Sports Day.

Please note: Due to allergies and student apprehension, DOGS are NOT permitted at Sports Day.