Principal’s Messages

March 2020

Happy March everyone! It is now a time for the days to start getting a little longer, the weather to start changing for the better and the allergens to start filling the air; or maybe that just affects me!

As we approach the end of the second term, I was looking back and seeing all of the amazing things we have done here at Gray – Read All Day, Jump Rope for Heart (which we are still awaiting the final fundraising tally), Axe Capoiera Performances, Zumba, Lunar New Year Assembly, Bingo Night, Play All Day, Red, White and Pink Day, 100s Day, and the High School Band Concert. With all of these exciting opportunities, the learning has carried on and the students continue to grow and develop. It is our hope that we not only are able to provide amazing learning opportunities, but also foster a love of community, school and life long learning.

Spring Break is just around the corner, and we will be approaching the final term of the year. This is a great time to connect with your kids and see where they are at, how they are feeling and if there is anything they need. We are here for support and we look forward to working with you through the final stretch of the year. Have a wonderful start to the Spring Season Gray Families!


February 2020

As we say goodbye to January, it is time to slide into the hustle and bustle of February. The days are short, it is dark outside and the year seems to quicken its pace. Please remember to practice self care and ensure that your children are dressing for the weather and getting plenty of rest.

As we move through the term, here at Gray we are continuing to challenge the students’ minds and provide them learning opportunities that are exciting and engaging. We are in the process of wrapping up Jump Rope for Heart, and are heading into our Lunar New Year, Valentines and 100 day celebrations, as well as participating in events, like Play All Day, Red, Pink and White Day and Pink Shirt Day. It is an exciting term and we hope you enjoy the journey along side of us


January 2020

Happy New Year Gray Families, and welcome to the new decade! 2020 is going to be an amazing year here at Gray, with lots of exciting learning opportunities on the horizon. The staff at Gray Elementary hope you had an enjoyable winter break and that you found time to spend with loved ones and to follow your passions. It is exciting to be back, walking through the halls, seeing the energy, and excitement of the students. It is amazing to see how some down time can truly refresh us and allow us to reconnect.

Even though we are into a brand new year, Term Two is continuing from mid December and our teachers will be continuing to forge ahead with exciting lessons that align with our school wide inquiry pursuits and the focus on making our learning visible through mathematics. Together we will continue to work towards creating a  culture of respect, care and connectedness and will ensure all
students have access to a safe and engaging learning environment. Welcome back!

December 2019

Who can believe that December is here already. As we start to prepare for the hectic holiday season, I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU! Thank you to our very supportive community, who helps us with hot lunches, driving on field trips, fundraising and the many other things done to support us at Gray. Furthermore, thank you parents, for ensuring your kids arrive on time, have someone to help them with homework and are prepared for their days at school. Thank you to our PAC, whose dedication and support provide opportunities to all students in the building and bring our community closer together. Finally, thank you to the amazing and dedicated staff here. Your energy, drive and passion is what makes the amazing learning opportunities in the building possible.

Here at Gray, we know that December is a time to celebrate, reminisce and move forward. We hope everyone has a relaxing and fun filled winter break and that the 2020 brings you many
happy memories. Cheers!

November 2019

Happy November Gray families! We hope everyone had a lovely and safe Halloween and are feeling refreshed from the extra hour we gained this past weekend. November is a busy month and we are excited to be moving ours and your children’s learning forward.

Did you know that Gray teachers have been working hard to better meet the needs of your children. We have been professionally developing around the concept of making our learning visible and our current question that we are researching is:

“How will making our learning more visible, with a focus on the critical concepts in math, using student friendly learning targets, the big three questions and success criteria, improve both teaching practice and student success?”

We encourage you to talk with the teachers about their learning and your child’s learning and to stay tuned for further information throughout the year.

Oct 2019

Autumn is here and the term continues to progress along. September was a fantastic month, with students settling into their classrooms and teachers starting to review the curriculum and expectations here at Gray. Thank you to all of the parents who were able to make it out to Parent/Teacher interviews and to discuss your child’s learning and school experience.

As we move into October, we see the leaves change colour and the weather change from bright summer days to cooler, more temperate ones. It is important to remind your children to dress appropriately for the weather (rain coats, boots, umbrellas and a change of clothes if necessary), as we do go outside regularly.

Within a few weeks, most of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families. It is a time to reflect, give thanks and if able, give back. Henry Van Dyke expresses that “Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”

In other words, I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. Each of your children bring such a joy to this building and their inquisitive minds are why we, as a staff, show up every day. I wish each of your families a joyful start to the Autumn season and a safe and healthy month.

Sept 2019

Welcome to Gray Elementary! At Gray, we have a dynamic staff committed to providing your children with challenging and engaging tasks, to not only stimulate their minds, but provide them with experiences to grow their love of learning. This staff is knowledgeable, caring and professional. It is through their expertise, passion and commitment that transforms the school building into a nurtured and motivating learning space.

Gray Elementary is an inclusive environment, where every student and family has a place to belong and where we strive to meet student needs and build supports in, so every student has a chance to succeed and meet their goals. From the strong leadership shown by our grade sevens to the kindergarten students engaging in their first learning tasks, we have a remarkable group of children here, who are not only capable of taking ownership over their learning, but changing their future. These children are the reason we are here.

Furthermore, Gray Elementary is and should be a hub or home base for the community. Through a strong partnership between home and school, we are able to provide a myriad of opportunities to connect your children with the building and their education. It is through our communication and collaboration that ultimately assists in your child’s success as a learner. The school would not be the same without the continued support of the parents and contributions from our Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

On behalf of the school staff, I would like to offer a warm welcome to all students and families. Personally, I would also like to say that I am very honoured to be the principal of Gray Elementary and I look forward to being a part of the amazing learning happening here. I look forward to connecting with your families, and working along side one another.