Connectedness Activity Week 11 (June 8 – 12)

Hello Gray Families,

It is time for our 11th connectedness activity! Please remember that all of these activities are optional, but encouraged. We are a great community and even though we are physically distanced from one another, we are not alone. By uniting through these activities, we show that we can still demonstrate togetherness.

Congratulations to everyone for having a successful first week with the new hybrid of in-person learning and virtual learning. As we all work together and pull together, it is great to see so many families supporting one another and the staff. Thank you to everyone for what you are doing and for supporting the new rules and procedures of the school. I know our two custodians felt a lot of love this week and support – Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation.


As we continue on and approach the end of the year, I think it is super important to remember our own mental health, well being and physical health. These are times when things can become over whelming and anxiety can build. If you are looking for support, or think you might need help, please reach out.

This weeks activity, is about taking care of ourself. Send me a photo of something healthy you are eating/cooking, a family photo of a hike or a nice walk outside, maybe of some exercises that you are trying out. Take the time for you to recharge and get those endorphins up and running, or your taste buds experiencing new flavours. When you are done, could you please send me a photo to, and I will upload it to the website.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend! It is so great to see so many faces. We look forward to seeing more of you through the remainder of the year and at the start of next year.

All the best,

Mr. P. Klassen