Message from Learning Services – Year End Reporting

Parents and Guardians of Delta Students,

The suspension of in-class instruction and the shift to remote learning has created a unique set
of challenges for educators, students and parents.

Report cards are an important part of the assessment and reporting process and offer students
an opportunity to reflect on the school year while guiding them in preparing for the year ahead.
As you receive report cards during this unique year, we ask that you please consider the
challenges that many students and families have faced since Spring Break.

Given the current context of operating in Stage 3 of the COVID Response Framework and the
reliance on remote learning since spring break, the following changes have been made to Delta
School District Report Cards. These changes are in line with reporting guidelines provided by
the BC Ministry of Education.

• When planning for teaching since spring break, teachers were directed to reduce the
number of learning goals down to essential items; in the elementary grades, this
included a focus on literacy and numeracy. Teachers will use their professional
judgment when deciding which learning standards are met by student activities and
how this will be reported in the final report card.

• All students who are on track to move to the next grade in the fall will do so. Similarly,
every student eligible to graduate this year will graduate. To be “eligible to graduate”
means a student will satisfy all graduation requirements upon successful completion of
courses they currently have underway and are continuing through to the end of June

• Student attendance will only be included on report cards for the period up to the
suspension of full-time in-class instruction.

• Teachers may not have the same amount of information about student learning as in a
normal school year and therefore may not be able to provide the same amount of
detailed feedback. Feedback may be based on learning prior to spring break and, where
appropriate, learning post-spring break.

• For term 3 teachers will use comments to communicate student learning. Any
quantitative measurements (e.g., 4 point scales, percentages, letter grades) have been
removed from Term 3, and will be used for final year evaluations.

• Due to a variety of factors some students may have been unable to participate in a
remote learning environment. In these cases, student reporting and evaluation can be
based on assignments and demonstrated learning up to the suspension of in-class

We are aware of the stress caused both by the changes over the last 3 months and some of
the unknowns moving forward. As a school district we strive to provide the best learning
environments we can during this challenging situation.

We hope your summer break is safe and restful.

Neil Stephenson
Director of Learning Services


Click on the link below for a PDF copy of the message above:

COVID Year End Reporting Parent Letter