Welcome Back Slide Show

Hello Gray Families,

The big day is here and we are putting the final preparations on everything tomorrow. Today around 2:00pm, you should be receiving an e-mail from the classroom teachers welcoming you back to Gray, and giving you all the information you need for tomorrow.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO ENSURE YOU AGREE TO THE HEALTH CHECK ON PARENT CONNECT, as your child will not be able to enter the building until you have agreed to that. If you cannot get onto parent connect, please come to your classroom at the assigned start time, and the teacher will hand you a hard copy.

I have been asked many times if parents need to wear masks on school grounds. This is a personal choice, as we cannot force you to. However, I strongly encourage you to think about this, as there will be times (such as line up time) that you will not be able to distance yourself appropriately. This will help ensure all families feel comfortable and safe on the grounds. As staff, we will be wearing masks outside and in public spaces of the building.

Finally, we want to welcome all students back to the building. We put together a slide show to show pictures of what staff did during the summer. Not all staff are pictured, but a majority of them are. Please take a look, by visiting the link below.

We very much look forward to having you all back in the building. If you choose not to attend tomorrow, we will be phoning all families, and please let us know when you plan on returning, so we can put it in the system.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr. P. Klassen