Pick up and Drop off Procedures

Morning Drop Off

Adult supervision starts at 8:45am every morning. You will see a teacher walking around in a safety vest if there are issues or concerns that need to be addressed. We encourage families not to drop students off before 8:45am, as there is not guaranteed adequate supervision available, unless specified specifically for school-directed initiatives or field trips.

Late Arrivals

If your child or family happens to be running late, this is not an issue, we are excited to have you arrive safely. However, we need to to have every student sign in at the office and take an orange welcome slip to their classes. This allows the teacher to know who has been signed in and for us to maintain adequate attendance of who is in our building.


If you are a visitor or volunteer to our school, please make sure you sign in at the office and take a lanyard with visitor identification. This ensures to all staff that you have checked in and in case of an emergency, we are able to accurately determine who is in the building and where you are. It is also important to sign out upon your departure and return the lanyard with identification.

Early Pick-up/Going Home for Lunch

It is important that the teachers and staff working with your child are aware of the arrangement ahead of time. We understand that this cannot always be the case, and therefore, if possible, we ask parents to phone into the office and inform the secretaries of any change of plan to the usual day. Once the child leaves it is important that they be signed out at the office by a trusted individual, and sign back in upon their return if applicable. This helps us to ensure students are picked up by someone with proper authorization. No student should be leaving school grounds to go home for lunch, without parent AND staff approval.

End of the Day Pick Up

At the end of the day, it is important that students are picked up by a trusted person; this may be a parent, grandparent, day care provider, babysitter, older sibling, etc… This should be arranged with the teacher, so they know who to be looking for and to release to an authorized person and should be discussed with the student ahead of time, so they can identify the person picking them up.

As we know, students in the primary grades require a different level of supervision at the end of the day, then intermediate students. We ask that all primary parents inform teachers of who they will be having pick up their children, and to be ready and available at the door.

If students are not picked up after school, they will be taken to the office and asked to wait until an authorized person comes to pick them up. During this time, you may receive a phone call from us to clarify on timing or pickup. As it is done in the morning, adult supervision will be available outside until 3:15 pm. It is important that parents and/or guardians pick up their children as close to 3:00pm as possible, unless otherwise determined by a school sanctioned event.

Helpful Tips for Parents

Please know that reasonable efforts are made to insure that all students are released only to appropriate people. Ensuring the safety of all children is of our top concern. However, there are things that can be done to help support this process:

  1. Parents and/or guardians, or visitors who enter the school building should only do so through the front office and be signed in.
  2. If you need to speak to a teacher, please make an appointment or send an e-mail to discuss your concerns. If this is not possible, please wait until all students are released to their appropriate care giver and then approach the teacher.
  3. Have regular conversations with your children about drop off and pick up expectations that you have for their safety.
    1. Inform them of who is picking them up
    2. Have a code word for trusted adults
    3. If students walk home, have a planned route and a check-in system
    4. Use a buddy system with trusted families and friends
  4. If you are going to be late, phone the office and we will have your child come and wait there.

If you have specific concerns regarding access to your child, please contact the office, 604.594.2474.

John Mann