Connectedness Activity Week 10 (June 1 – 5)

Hello Gray Families,

It is time for our 10th connectedness activity! Please remember that all of these activities are optional, but encouraged. We are a great community and even though we are physically distanced from one another, we are not alone. By uniting through these activities, we show that we can still demonstrate togetherness.

As the weeks have progressed we have had a few drop off in submissions. We know that these are busy times, and as we prepare to start the next stage of learning, we were not sure whether or not to continue. However, we felt that as there are still so many families who will be virtually learning, we wanted you to know (and all families to know) that you are still a part of Gray and we will continue to be a united front against this pandemic. On that note, on to this weeks activity.


As we move forward with the next stage of learning, we know that safety and cleanliness are going to be the top priority. Throughout these past 9 weeks, we have had two very hard working custodians clean and sanitize this building. Starting next week, they will be putting even more effort into continually cleaning the school and making sure everything is sanitized so we can all be safe.

We thought it would be a great idea to say thank you to these two amazing gentleman (Mr. Singh and Mr. Johnson) by doing something creative. This week we are hoping you can build something or make something as a family, snap a picture and we will know it is in honour of all of the amazing custodial staff out there, who are doing their best to keep us safe. When you have built/made your creation, please send me a photo at

We hope everyone has a lovely week! We look forward to seeing some of you next week. Have a lovely and safe weekend everyone.

All the best,

Mr. P. Klassen