Connectedness Activity Week 12 (June 15 – 19)

Hello Gray Families,

It is time for our 12th connectedness activity! Please remember that all of these activities are optional, but encouraged. We are a great community and even though we are physically distanced from one another, we are not alone. By uniting through these activities, we show that we can still demonstrate togetherness.


What another great week! Lots of smiling faces and laughter around the school. It really rejuvenates the spirit. Although the weather has not been great, it has been refreshing and necessary for the plants and all the gardens we have been maintaining.

This weeks activity, is about reflecting on the year; what went well? What was a great memory? What have we learned? I would love it if families could spend some time sharing with one another and just talking to each other about this school year. Having a real conversation about what they loved about their current grade and what they are going to miss about their class, and what did they take away from it. Then take a photo of you and your family together. Just a family shot, so we can see who is all a part of our community and know that we are all in this together. When you are done, could you please send me the photo to, and I will upload it to the website.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend! It is so great to see so many faces. We look forward to seeing more for the final school week of the year.

All the best,

Mr. P. Klassen