Green Team

This year, we are excited to share that we are starting a Green Team at Gray as a way to strengthen our school community and reduce our energy footprints. Led by the Gr. 4s in Ms. Olak’s class and the Kindergarteners in Mrs. Bain’s class, we are committed to our role as “Energy Super Heroes.” We will  learn different ways we can have a positive impact on our Earth’s resources through energy conservation.  We will do ‘watt’ it takes to make a change in our environment through saving energy.

Our Green Team of Energy Super Heroes will plan a variety of fun and exciting opportunities for all grades to contribute to our school’s energy conservation efforts.  We will host lights out lunches to limit our energy use.  Classrooms who wish to take part and make noticeable change to save energy may even receive special awards for their efforts.  Whether it be turning off our lights when we are not in our classrooms or not leaving the faucet running when washing our hands, big or small, we are excited to take the steps to reduce our school’s impact on the environment.  We take being Energy Super Heroes very seriously and are excited to get started!